Monday, March 28, 2016

Modest Monday

It's another great week...I don't know about you but we all thoroughly enjoyed our Easter weekend. Friday we enjoyed a day of fellowship with friends and a delicious meal...mmmmMMMmmm I just love ham!!

Easter Sunday was spent as it should be...with our focus on the Lord and what He has done for us. But not just for us...for the whole world! We serve an amazing God!

Two of my girls in their Easter outfits. I believe in honouring the Lord with the best that we me that also includes the best that I wear. 
 I am not against chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs...I certainly enjoy eating them ;) but personally in our house we have chosen to set all that aside as it truly is not the meaning of Easter.

There was another interesting concept that greeted my eyes this morning and that was that we should forgo new Easter frocks and buy a t-shirt from a specified charity and dress-down for Easter in favour of supporting orphans, the poor, etc. I understand the concept behind this charge and as a Christian I believe we are to visit the fatherless and the widows. But the whole thing just bothered me because it has caused many to judge those who do buy a new outfit and caused those who do buy to feel guilty, it assumes those who buy a new "frock" are spending a fortune in doing so and it assumes those who dress up are judging those who dress down. Most importantly in my mind though is that it totally takes the focus off of Jesus and the work of the cross. It seems to be that it is a plan of the devil, "the angel of light", to side track take our eyes off of Christ especially at Easter. Don't get me wrong...we do need compassion for others and we do need to show the love of Christ to those who need it....BUT there are 364 other days of the year to go about doing for others. As for me and my house we will continue dressing for the Lord with our "frocks" on Easter, give Him first place on this special weekend and follow His leading on what we should or shouldn't do.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and were blessed in whatever your family decided to do! :)

Happy Easter from my house to yours!



  1. I just had this same discussion with a friend yesterday. I love the idea of Forget the Frock, however, I enjoy my frock and dressing in my best for the Lord's house. Whatever that means, it doesn't mean a t-shirt for me; we give of our best and have taken in children who are without a home, I don't need a t-shirt to tell others I did the Lord's work... beautiful family!

  2. I love that you and your daughters put on their Sunday best for the House of the Lord!