Monday, March 21, 2016

Modest Monday!'s officially Spring!!!

and we have snow! :( not much and it won't last long but it is snowing out there today. I am so ready for warmness and grass and the sounds of frogs peeping at night ;)

My oldest bought herself this adorable shirt from our local MiSH is adorable and I want one! haha She paired it with a lovely navy blue pencil skirt and her blue shoes add the perfect finishing touch. She dressed it up a bit with a string of pearls.

My outfit was totally thrifted..the polka dot blouse was a recent find and I love the yellow sweater. My shoes are Spring....I like wearing this colour brown with outfits as it adds more interest than a blue or black shoe would.

This was also day 20 of the modest March challenge....styling shoes! Our shoes were not grand or fabulous and we didn't plan our outfits around the shoes but we did style the shoes! ;)

Have a great week!

The grand secret will be shared soon!


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  1. Super cute outfits! Visiting from the Monday of Many Blessings Linkup!