Friday, March 18, 2016

Fashion Friday!

Friday!! time for another week of the modest challenge I have been participating in :)

We pick up on....

Day 12: Pink and Girly....I am not pink or girly and this fell on Saturday when I was supposed to be helping TJ with some to-do-lists around the house. I may do pink and girly on Sunday but let me tell you my mind had a hard time wrapping itself around pink and girly while fixing toilets and changing the plumbing on the kitchen sink ;) so this was my compromise on pink and girly!

Day13: dress....I shared this on Modest Monday!

Day14: a splash of way to add a splash of colour is to wear all black! ;)

Day 15: accessories! my favs are my leather bracelets and the rings TJ and I both wear...his has my name on it :)

Day16: floral print...I wasn't feeling this one but I wore it anyway. The blouse is from Mikarose! I was really tired that day :)

Day 17: green....I guess this was for St. Patrick's Day and that fact slipped past me ;) my green was more mint or turquoise :)))

Day 18: maxi....I will try to wear this all day but I often get frustrated with all the material!

Hope you all have had a great week! See you on Monday!


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