Friday, March 11, 2016

Fashion Friday

without further ado...let's get back to the March Modest Challenge and pick up where we left off! :)

Day:4  Peek of Spring

Day:5 Casual and Comfy...everyday is casual and comfy for me ;)

Day:6 Sunday Best...I already shared this outfit on Modest Monday this week!

Day:7 Monday Blues

Day:8 Sparkles...not a sparkles girl so I added a picture of my fav wedding rings! ;)

Day:9 Pinterest Inspired...not hard! I have a large board of inspiration there ;)

Day:10 Layers...again that's everyday for me! I added my dogs because they lovingly add a layer of hair to everything! ;)

Day:11 Jean skirt! hahhaa...this one made me laugh...I wear a jean skirt almost everyday! so I wore a long one to switch it up a bit ;)

Yeah another week of outfits! This March Modest Challenge has been fun and certainly helped make getting dressed faster with a code word to follow ;)

Spring is really trying to break through here in Alberta...the sunshine is so encouraging and lifts my spirits so!

Trust y'all are having a great week!

God Bless!


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