Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Time is a fickle friend.

As a child, time seemed to move oh-so-slow. I couldn't wait to start school, that summer dragged on and on. It seemed like I would be 4 FORevah!

Summer sunshine never came soon enough.

and let's not get started on Christmas...oh my! a year was a very very long time! and Christmas Eve contained 3 days in one 24 hour period.

that 13th birthday when I finally became a teenager...the 16th birthday inorder to get my driver's permit...that final year of school and graduation...these milestones all seemed farther away the closer they got.

 Time is a fickle friend indeed.

The harder you hold on the faster it slips from your fingers.

Wishes to hold back that ticking clock...

Push pause just for a day...

Funny how time changes perspective as you grow older.

Birthdays come at such a pace I can't even remember which one is next!

Summers fly by in a blink....all that spare time I had as a child...oh where did all those minutes go?!

teaching school, mopping floors, grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry, wiping noses, sleepless night, correcting homework, correcting children...these things and many more fill our days.

My to-do list always turns into the should-have-done list or the wished-I'd-done list or the better-luck-next-time list.

Why is it so hard to just ‘trust God’ ? How to trust God and find God's peace in difficult times - Eat Pray Workout:

But the funny thing about time is that God had enough time in 6 days to create the entire world as we know it and more that we don't know!

and then God rested. He actually had time to rest!!

seems like I should take my to-do-list to God and get a hold of His timetable!

Finding yourself too busy? too stressed? to much to do with not enough time?

Get a hold of God.

Let Him show you what shouldn't be on that list.

and then rest!

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