Friday, February 12, 2016

Fashion Friday

Wow! my olders left for camp yesterday afternoon. 3 kids at home here feels like a vacation..bahaha!

We miss them but they will return tomorrow afternoon and my heart will again feel complete! Praying for them that they will have quiet hearts that are soft and ready to hear from the Lord, that good decisions will be made and they will be encouraged.

now back to fashion :)

 I ordered this floral baseball tee from Zulily last month....I love baseball tees! and this is such a fun and feminine one!

 I was out in Walmart doing some browsing and what did I spy but 5$ dresses....I bought 3 for each of my littles and they were so excited! Good clothing for them from Value Village doesn't happen as often as it does for the olders...they thought they were pretty special that day! ;) They like to dress the same and even though there is 2 years between them they are often mistaken for twins.

I have been really struggling this year physically and emotionally....and taking pictures just isn't the easiest thing to do but I did manage to grab a couple this week :))
 top~ Old Navy

 I really just cannot resist a cozy sweater and a striped one?!! well...that's a must! ;)

Have a great Valentine's weekend!!! Anybody have some special plans?



  1. Hi Heidi! I am visiting from Monday of Many Blessings and I am so glad I clicked on your icon :) I have had a delightful time scrolling through your posts and reading of your love for the Lord. I am a happy new follower and I look forward to visiting again.

    Hugs! Stephanie-The Enchanting Rose

    1. hi Stephanie! thanks so much for coming by! I love meeting new people :)