Monday, January 18, 2016

Modest Monday

I think I may have a dress obsession....I blame my husband! ;)

The more I wear them the more I realize how comfortable they are not to mention...cute!

They also are very feminine and thus I firmly believe God-honouring!

I am now just as likely to be found in the dress aisle at Value Village as I am the skirt ;)

This dress was one of those AHAH! moments because not only was it a dress (no kidding!) but it was modest and long enough....oh my! those are rare moments indeed! ;)

I really like the colour and the fact that this dress is made of heavier material almost like a sweater dress makes it perfect for me! My one complaint with dresses was that I was always cold but slowly I am learning how to winterize a dress and not lose the style (i THINK)! ;)

I also picked up this dress and sweater. The dress falls above my knees but I am comfortable wearing it around the house with leggings though I would change if I were going out and about. That's just my preference.

The mustard colour sweater is a first for me...I can hear my 26 year old self and my 16 year old self now! LOL

Have a great Monday!



  1. They are both so cute! Dresses are great. Thanks for sharing! I'd love for you to share your modest fashions on my blog linkup on Fridays.
    I found you at the Modest Mom.

    Lexie Robinson

    1. Hi Lexie! thank you for dropping by...I would be honoured to check out your Friday linkup.


  2. I really love your first dress. It looks so nice (and warm) on you.


    1. thank-you so much Mara...thanks for dropping by AND your encouraging comment :)

  3. Winterizing and not losing style is a challenge. Since I am a bit older than you, I lean more toward comfort than fashion, but I am always on the look out I like to have long skirts in the winter and layer leggings and if necessary, fleece pajama bottoms underneath. I have even considered a quilted underskirt. I think I could bring back the Little House on the Prairie look ;) I will take your advice and look in the dress aisle more. I am sure that I must be missing something since your outfits look so cute.

    1. Thanks Amanda for dropping by and commenting! I love reading your thoughts :)