Friday, January 8, 2016

Fashion Friday

Well here it is Friday again :)

It has been rough trying to fit myself back into school mode and all that goes with that...but I'm slowly getting it ;)

Looking at my outfits...they are not really that inspiring but I guess it beats pjs!

This flannel shirt is the coziest and I love using tanks to add dimension and colour.

Shocking that this one is not a jean skirt ;)  I really like blue and grey together and we all know that polka dots are one of my favourite things ;)

Coloured tights are a fun way to add interest to an outfit!

 This sweater from Suzy Shier has quickly become a go-to! (hi little photobomber!!!)

Now the secret is out.....I love flannel shirts!!!! shhhhhh....some don't think they are very feminine! ;))

How are you making out this new year!? am I the only one having trouble with my vacation mode?! ;)



  1. I love your fashion even when you think you didn't put as much into it. It makes me feel like you runs out of time and energy too some days. And I like your casual fashion. I am trying to decorate after the Christmas decorations and want some new looks but realistic with little kids around. You have anywhere I might look for inspiration? I always love your ideas. Oh and for some reason your Christmas card just returned to me. Sorry! Merry Christmas.

    1. Hi nessa! Try Pinterest....I get most of my ideas from there.