Monday, December 7, 2015

Modest Monday!

 I didn't get a picture from yesterday as it was a jam-packed day of church, Christmas practice and choir practice and rushing back and forth trying to get things ready for next Sunday night...concert time!

I did take some pictures of my sorta Sunday outfit this is not exactly what I wore but very similar. I don't usually wear denim to church as personally Sunday is a day set apart from every other day and I want to give the Lord my best and as I wear denim every other day that's not really my best :) I did however choose this skirt to wear yesterday for its comfort fit as I was staying at the church all day and wanted to be comfortable and cozy.

This new skirt I bought from Deborah & Co on one of her sale days. The fit on this skirt is super comfortable and the light weight denim makes it very flowy. Super pleased with this skirt except for the bit of pucker at the seams now that it has been washed :(

I love the feel of this is soo comfortable and kinda sits around your hips and not your favourite style!

You can see the puckering on the seam lines which I could not iron out...the only thing that I do not like about this skirt!

We have our voice recital this week and then concert on Sunday so it will be a busy week for us!



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