Monday, December 21, 2015

Modest Monday

It's Christmas Monday!

Yeah! I will admit that I am still childlike at the wonder of all things Christmas :) Christmas time is extra special for me in that I celebrate a birthday just 5 days before and we also celebrate our anniversary 12 days before Christmas! It makes for many special times jam-packed all together :)

Turning over another year...37 for those who are curious ;) AND having a new year right around the bend always makes me stop and reconsider my life and dreams and goals.

It's been a good good year....many struggles, mostly failures but always the reassurance of mercies new every morning. I don't want to waste my short life in moments of regret...I don't want to get hung up in the search for men's approval and praise. I pray and desire this new chapter to be one of many changes and challenges to face head on...that I would walk worthy of my calling...that I would not be ashamed of the cause of Christ...that I would get to the end and hear "well done".

This dress from Dainty Jewels is very fun and very feminine. A dress made from lace doesn't sound comfortable but honestly I could easily wear this all's worry free! :)

Many dresses have that "sit up straight, walk tall, oh I'm so glad to change out of this" feel....not this one!

I like this dress so much I am hoping someday to get another in a different colour ;)

Just a few short days before Christmas!!!

You ready?



  1. Dressing up is fun; especially for Jesus!

  2. What a pretty dress, love it!! That colour looks really nice on you :) happy birthday by the way 👍🏼 hope you have a blessed day! :)