Monday, November 23, 2015

Modest Monday

It's another week! what a blessing to be alive and how often I forget to thank the Lord for every new day!

This blog has helped me so much to dress with a's been a blessing to me and to my family for sure!

My preference for dresses is certainly a tomboy I naturally gravitate toward skirts and more simplified outfits. My husband loves dresses and I have been adding more and more for him and caught the bug it's pretty much an aim to find one every time I go thrift shopping :)

Even though we still do not have snow on the ground, it's beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas at our house ;)

I like the punch of red this scarf brings to this outfit....I have also been enjoying leos and ankle boots for that dressy yet warm look!

Have you been decorating for Christmas?!



  1. I love that pattern!

    I found you on

  2. Hi, Aunt Heidi, this is the McFarlands. We SO much enjoy your blog! It is SO encouraging and uplifting to us! Have you ever checked out Fashion Mia? It has really good dresses for very reasonable prices right now.

    1. hello family! :) thanks for your very kind words and encouragement....I'll have to check them out ;)