Monday, November 16, 2015

Modest Monday

Yesterday our 4th child was was so special to see her choose to obey God and want to show that she desires to serve the Lord.

We also had a bridal shower at the church for one of our ladies who ties the knot this weekend :)

So it became a busy special day!

another daughter woke up sick so that added a bit of interest ;) and I am trying to prevent this little bug from having a party at our house!!

I recently purchased this fun floral skirt from Mikarose ...and it came just in time for Sunday :) I wore my navy blue blouse from Mikarose and the polka dot was a trial in mixing patterns but I think it worked :) the necklace seemed to be the key to pulling it all together.

It was a very fun and feminine outfit for a full day spent at church visiting and serving!

Wish me luck chasing the bug away! :)


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