Friday, October 9, 2015

Fashion Fridays!

Hey guys!  ahem, hello ladies! :)

It's Friday again! Time for another week of my fashion....sometimes I feel like "why am I doing this" as I'm sure you feel many times also.  The fact remains that I have 6 girls ( the worst tomboy EVER was blessed with 6 GIRLS!!!!) I think the Lord smiles about this one many times! ;)

So this modesty  "thing" is basically for them and how it all got started....but recently I have been so encouraged by many of you and the need is so great for us to show  Christ to others that I have been reminded again and encouraged anew to keep going...even for just that one person that I can encourage. I just want to be used of the Lord in any small way possible.

Thank-you dear readers for being here!

 I love this is very cozy and relaxed which was just what we needed this week while we were so busy during missions conference!

I really like high-low sweaters.... and the lacy detail around the shoulders adds just a super hint of sweetness!

I just love the classic red, white and blue....and of course with stripes it's just that much better! ;)

I have been really trying to work on getting better pictures for my blog posts....I am not sure what my neighbours think but oh well! another opportunity for witness I guess ;)

Tall boots in every colour are a must on my list for fall and winter! Boot socks are amazing and add a sweet touch to them! I just got some new ones in the mail that I am excited to share with you!

 Denim button-ups are also a must have in my book! Pair it with pearls and you just can't go wrong!

And finally cowboy boots!! love them! and just to switch up the plaid shirt look that always is the go-to cowgirl look...I decided to go with my new-to-me very lacy shirt and love the look!

Hope you had a great week and for those fellow Canadians...Happy Thanksgiving!!!



  1. Thanks for another post of great fashion ideas. I knew I was addicted to your blog when, while camping this week, I found myself thinking several times, "I wonder what Heidi is doing this week?" Thanks for being a bright spot in my life with your encouraging words.

    1. thanks for visiting!! and thanks for the laugh ;) I am so encouraged by you!