Friday, October 30, 2015

Fashion Friday

We made it through another week....have you? :)

it's been a great week....our first baby turned 16...that's a big milestone for both of us ;) it's so much fun watching her grow into a beautiful young lady!

my boy, Charlie, turned the big #1 today!!! in case you didn't know, he's my puppy though he's more along the lines of a small horse ;) he's the best!

finally we were able to begin the journey of braces...our 2 oldest went in this week and came home with a mouth full of metal! yeah! so excited to see this happen for them!

so it's been a great exciting week for us!

i found this knit skirt last week on my thrifting trip ;) it will be the perfect summer skirt!

our temperatures have dipped into single digits now and we usually have frost covering everything in the mornings...snow will be here soon!

this sweater is the coziest!

There will not be very many days left this year when I will be tempted to have bare!

The 2 oldest headed to the orthodontist...let's say goodbye to our gaps and overbites ;) they dressed similar because the folks at the orthodontists had so much trouble telling them apart last week that they wanted to have a little more fun this week ;)

That's us for this week!

Thanks for dropping by!


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