Friday, October 23, 2015

Fashion Friday!'s been quite a day!

I'm just now sitting down to send off the fashion post :) I have had a boring week for clothes but you know sometimes it just has to be real for those real weeks. TJ is gone till Monday and it's very lonely and sad here without him but we are keeping on keeping on!

I love messy buns...they are quick, simple and you don't have to be picky because the whole point is "messy"....get it? "messy buns" ?  ;)   of course you did but I'm tired :)

I really like pairing sporty shirts or graphic tees with maxi skirts for a casual everyday look! It's simple but still feminine  at least I think so, but I'm tired so who knows.

Everyday I find myself reaching for those knee length jean skirts...I'm really going to have to try for something a little out of the box soon.

 I love cozy sweaters and I love my Converse shoes....makes for a perfect day at home!

I also love my photobombers...aren't they cute?

Well...I'm off for a girls night in with my girls....good thing we don't have boys ;)



  1. I really like your denim maxi skirt in your last outfit! I've been thinking about getting one but not sure if it would be too warm to wear in our hot Queensland summers!

    I like the graphic tee and maxi skirt combo, I've worn that a few times :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by :) it's my favorite Jean maxi skirt...but I'm not sure it would be cool enough for you in the summer 😜