Friday, October 2, 2015

Fashion Friday!

aaand it's time for another round of fun fashion ;)

I really enjoy just using what's in my closet and trying to be a little more creative or purposeful about how I wear it.  Most days my fashion is nothing spectacular but I'm simply trying to be "real" and inspiring at the same time :)

I finally found the time and God blessed with the sunshine I needed to get our back deck painted before the snow falls. Below is my "painting" fashion :) and my helper not so much!

I'm not a huge fan of winter...if we could have winter and snow with warm temperatures then I'm a fan! But there is a certain amount of pleasure found in boots :)) I love boots and you can be sure to see more boots in the future! again! This sweater was a recent thrift find and I love the cozy relaxed fit it has...and of course stripes....I may be obsessed!

 I do love me a good denim button up! and although I don't wear maxi skirts that often around the house I'm a klutz and the flapping around my legs is annoying sometimes it's nice to feel a little more "dressier"! There is just something about a long skirt that makes you feel very feminine.

 I also love a good Pinterest inspiration! My style board is a goto when I'm feeling drab...there are always fresh ideas to try there!

Hope you had a fabulous week!



  1. I found your blog from The Modest Mom blog. You have inspired me so much with your style. I have felt God convicting my heart to wearing only skirts. I have discussed this with my husband and he agrees and told me he likes me in skirts and dresses. I have been following this conviction for the past two weeks and have been so inspired by your style and outfits. Thank you for posting. I also agree with your posts about rest on the Sunday, we have been doing the same for over 2 years now. We also homeschool and is the best decision we ever made for our family. Thank you for taking the time to share your life with us.

    1. thank-you for dropping by! thank you for the kind words and encouragement :) your story is so sweet!
      ~ Heidi