Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Fight For Higher Ground

As I sit in the classroom everyday, I certainly enjoy writing away on this little blog of mine....sometimes I'm not exactly sure why I do this or who even reads my rambling thoughts but the pressure to write sometimes is just there and my head hurts with all these thoughts banging away like whirling dervishes.

The times we live in certainly are the end times and the need to stand strong and firm and to grow up another generation to be lights in the darkness is soo pressing! I guess this blog stems from the realization just what a battle not only I am facing every day but more importantly my children. I believe very strongly that most Christians today think of the world more as their playground than as the battle ground it truly is!! Satan is a roaring lion out to get you and most certainly out to get your children!!

 Strong christian women -pray for your family daily.. Correct ourselves.. Forgive alot.. Dont be too BUSY to read the book with the author (GOD) that gave us EVERYTHING !:

The blog has changed a wee bit as the Lord has led me to be more vocal of the things of God...not that I'm always right but just to share things that He has been teaching me. I desire to be the kind of woman that challenges Satan, fights the battle and shows others what the Lord can do even if it is just to help one person or myself or my very own precious girls!

To those who have been soo sweet to offer encouragement....thank-you so very much!! but really let's praise the Lord together for it truly is Him!

Have a glorious day!


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