Monday, September 28, 2015

Modest Monday

Time for another round of Modest Monday! if I could get paid for would be my dream job! lol

It  is definitely fall here in the West...I do love the fall even when winter follows close on its heels ;)

There just seems to be some kind of mysterious beauty involved in the fall season....the whisper in the wind that only the leaves seem to understand as they slowly make their descent up and down to the ground.

Well I have certainly been enjoying this new season and having many opportunities to add this orange scarf to my wardrobe! Of course the scarf fun might be more because it belongs to my daughter and the opportunity to steal from her closet for a change has been quite amusing ;)

Maxi skirts...maxi dresses...perfect for the change in weather! Cozy and warm  blank canvas to style any way you please!

I tried this new updo for is quite simple to do and as it replicates Princess Kate well I just had to try it! Princess Kate and I...well we have the same style lol! I think she has a very simple elegant style and for a modern princess dresses in a very feminine and classy way! 

My copycat hairstyle didn't turn out as perfect as hers always does...but it worked for me!! ;)

 Of course, I usually have a Pinterest style to give me new inspiration and below you will find it!

It's a busy week on the agenda for I better get to it!

Have a great day!



  1. Very cute look...I even like the pinterest picture with the belt! Great idea! jodie