Friday, September 4, 2015

Fashion Fridays!

It's been a busy busy month for us here...and it just sailed by! We had a good week of VBS and ColaClash and then we enjoyed just over a week of camping! We rushed in our school order and thankfully everything except our grade 4 DVDs arrived in time to start on Wednesday! 

Here is Fashion Friday for y'all....the focus is mainly camping style :)

this is my hiking style...I prefer knee length skirts for most everything!

getting the classroom organized!

first day of school.....needed to be a ray of sunshine!

more teaching style!

today the temps dropped to 6C and its raining! hence the layers and sweater ;)
School is off to a great start though I must confess I do feel a bit overwhelmed right now. I'm sure things will settle down as we get more into the swing of things. Voice lessons have started again. This year I am also teaching a music theory class for our girls and trying to carry the load of piano for all 6...this is a great challenge for all of us but sooo important!

We have three books picked out for reading together and we have started with Robin Hood. The other 2 waiting on my shelf are Prisoner in Louisbourg and Jimmy Moore of Bucktown.

I will try to post some pics of our classroom and get some first day of school photos!

I will also share some more of our VBS week and camping trip.

Stay tuned!


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