Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Camping Jones Style

Enjoy this photo dump of our camping trip this summer!   We went exploring through southern Alberta and stayed at 3 different campgrounds before heading back home :)

Margie felt sick the first 2 days but brightened up by the third day....

The wood was wet at our first stop...Kristen gladly took on the job of Puff and got our fire burning bright ;)

We are crazy peeps....but we love it that way!

Stopped in High River and took pictures at Maggie's Diner...for those Heartland fans ;)

You can tell how smoky it was down south because of the forest fires south of the border!

Spent a whole day canoeing in the mountains!!!

Every night the park people put on some dramatic theatrical was very good and very educational!!! The kiddos looked forward to going every night!

Spent a day hiking the different trails hoping to spot some bears :)))))

Ice cream breaks!!

Margie wanted to try the old pump....was very glad she didn't have to depend on these every day!

Thanks for dropping by and sharing in our adventures!


  1. We would have been camping in Wyoming about this same time. Still a long ways away but closer than we usually are. We love camping too and it's great to see your pictures.

  2. I know this is an old post, but I had to comment, because we also went camping in the smoke with my family in Idaho. ;-)We went in late August, so I guess it was smoky for many days. Sad. I don't like forest fires...Sorry our smoke travelled up to you in Canada! ha