Sunday, April 26, 2015

Modest Monday

Well finally another Modest Monday post. I have actually been taking pictures of different outfits but not finding the time to post :/

I was on another excursion to the thrift store and as always I go with a mental list of things that I am looking for. Since I tend to stay pretty neutral,  I was looking for some nice blouses that would add something new to my wardrobe. This blouse that I am wearing was #1 a colour! and #2 polka dots!! (polka dots being some of my favourite things!)

I quickly threw this together Sunday morning and realized that one of these days I need to purposely put together some new outfits from my closet :) I left my hair in its natural state lol....wild!

I think this blouse has some pretty awesome potential with other skirts in my closet. I did get one other fun blouse to work with and look forward to showing you that one also!

 Thanks goes to my oldest for the photos...she actually took a photo of all my movements into and out of this chair ;) it made for interesting editing! What a goose!!

We had a field trip this past week and a birthday bowling party to share coming up. We are finishing up with school and I may even be able to say this is our last week.....yes we are that close!

We got some snow on the weekend which was yucky! but thankfully it is all pretty much gone and the weather looks awesome for this week.

Hope you have a blessed week!


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  1. very pretty :) one can be modest and feminine at the same time. thanks for sharing.