Monday, April 6, 2015

Modest Monday!

Well it has been a while and March was definitely a journey at our house.

I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and the surgery was a lot more than we had anticipated. Instead of 3 days recovery or even a week it was almost 2 weeks before I could eat anything and the pain lasted even longer. :( The verdict was that I am no longer twenty! (go figure) ;) as well the tooth on the left was a nasty one!

We were scheduled to attend a marriage retreat in North Dakota less than a week after my surgery. We did make it....but it was most disappointing not to be able to have road trip snacks :) I was unable to sing of course but TJ  doesn't need me to be amazing!

Our kiddos stayed with friends and had a blast while we were away although it would seem that some experienced homesickness and we were greatly missed! (shocker) ;)

Life is getting back to normal but it seems like we haven't been able to get back on schedule since January. Here's hoping April helps us out!

We enjoyed celebrating Easter together as a family playing games and just relaxing at home. Sunday was a beautiful day and we were in church thanking God for His wonderful love to us.

Usually I wear a dress for Sunday especially Easter Sunday but we had choir and we have to wear longer dresses/skirts because of the height of our stage.....most of my dresses are knee length ;( So this was my Sunday outfit.....

 I found this top at VV and I love the colour...

The necklace was also a VV find...and I love it! :)

How was your Easter?



  1. Wisdom teeth - yuck! Glad you're recovered now!

  2. Sorry your wisdom teeth were such an ordeal! I am glad you consider the height of the platform when you are in choir. It is sad that a lot of woman wear knee length skirts without seeming to consider if it is modestt with what they are doing (being up high or sitting cross legged on the floor). I'm glad you think of such things!