Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jade Mackenzie Review

I had heard about Jade Mackenzie skirts and wanted to give them a try. I thought the pricing was quite good (although the current exchange rate is not!!) and shipping was free so I went ahead and ordered the polka dot you see below and a striped one. I was not at all impressed with the shipping as it took pretty much a month to get here....once it left Texas it moved really fast but it took 2+ weeks just to get out of Texas!! I'm told that's fairly normal from others who receive packages from the south, but I mail back and forth to Florida in about a week sooooo......

Regardless I did finally receive my package in the mail. Upon opening it however  I found only one skirt!!! Another disappointment with this company! I am very happy with the make of this skirt and their sizing is pretty spot biggest worry with ordering online is the gamble about the best fit...but I was impressed with this one! The other skirt I ordered will be a size bigger so I'm hoping it will work just fine :) This skirt is very comfortable and you don't even feel like you are wearing a pencil skirt!

Will I order again? MAYBE! as I said my first impression was not the best one but the customer service has been really nice....sooo maybe!

I'm still waiting for my second skirt...I emailed them 10 days ago and still haven't received notice that my order was filled or shipped. I emailed again 3 days ago and was told they are restocking and it will get shipped out...fingers crossed!

Final thoughts......this skirt is very well made and very comfortable and the sizing is spot on in my opinion. I am not impressed with the shipping but since it was free I can let that go :)

I am glad to have this skirt in my closet!


I was not asked to give a review neither was I compensated to do so. All opinions expressed are my very own!


  1. I love Jade Mackenzie clothes. They do have issues with shipping some of my things as well. There is room for improvement on the business part but their clothes are simply amazing!

  2. I honestly don't know how Jade Mackenzie stays in business. I ordered some skirts in October, 2017 and several months later I still did not have my skirts. I e-mailed them and asked for a refund. I had to e-mail them several times just to get a refund. They definitely should not do pre-orders. I decided to give them another try and ordered something in July. I just received an e-mail stating that my item wouldn't be shipped until September. Seriously?!? I will NEVER order from them again.

    1. Same thing happened to me. They take your money as soon as you order. But it's been 5 weeks and still no skirts.

  3. I've had a pre-order since July 2018. Still have not received my order. Now they have stated that it will take another 3 weeks. I received an email telling me that if I email them again before the 3 weeks time frame I will get the same information they emailed me today because they are busy and need to concentrate on their shipping and basically not waste their time responding to emails. Very insensitive. I actually emailed them how they made me feel. They stated that was not their intention to give me that impression. Just didn't get a good feeling. I was really thinking of carrying their product in my store but not sure now since it takes so long to get an item shipped to you. Would make clients upset. I really like the look of their fashions. Something to really pray about.