Monday, March 2, 2015

Modest Monday

Hello friends!

It has been a while but hopefully I can get back on schedule this month!

I've missed doing this...February arrived all of a sudden and whew! blew by just like that! We hosted a pastor friend of ours and his wife for most of the month as we live near the airport. They had several meetings scheduled at various places around us and we were privileged to be able to host them when they were in town. We enjoyed good fellowship, good counsel, great revival meetings and grand amounts of encouragement and many games of Dutch Blitz!

Last week found me fighting a nasty head cold but thanks to my vital Greens it never completely got me...soo we took some easy days last week.

The girls enjoyed the company and did very well keeping up with school work we are just about ready to do our third set of exams :) that means we have only one set left!!! cannot believe we are getting soo close to another year done!!!

I was able to take a couple trips last month to my favourite place...Value Village. I will have to do a post and share some of my finds ;)

Which brings me to yesterday and my Sunday outfit :)

 I found this delightful polka dot shirt and pearls the other day....and of course Pinterest is my go-to for inspiration.

my kids never let me know when they are snapping pictures....I do actually smile!! ;)

 I also got these blue suede heels from VV many moons ago and thought they would be perfect with this outfit! Princess Kate is one lady that I am influenced by in my fashion choices. In our day and age it is hard to find somebody who doesn't always dress in a "sexy" way...I love the way Kate dresses for public appearances....she always looks very classy and elegant and when compared to today's standards she is quite modest. I love seeing what she is wearing. These heels were something like what I have seen her wear....though hers are top brand and probably cost more than my rent :)

Duchess of Cambridge in Stoke-On-Trent    

I love how she wears her pieces more than once and in different outfits....I'm sure she could afford to have a new gorgeous outfit everyday but she is very real and down to earth and I admire her for that!


  1. So glad you are back! I was missing you!

  2. Love this outfit! The heels are super cute and they make the outfit perfect!
    -Jenna <3
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