Monday, December 8, 2014

Modest Monday

This dress has pockets!!!  I try to wear more dresses to church but in the colder weather I find myself picking cozy sweaters and long skirts and layers,layers and more layers. When I got this dress, I knew that I could easily put a long sleeve black or white shirt underneath to help keep me warm. I also added the definitely needs a belt and this is a fun one from Mikarose.

 Tights and and tall black boots finished my look and I was quite warm all day :) The material is quite stiff and heavy but I'm hoping when I wash it it will take some of that starchiness out.

 I chose to wear only my belt for accessories but this dress could definitely handle something more. Later that night I added a red beaded necklace and liked the slight touch of festive it gave :)

The dress is from DownEast....I have 2 others from them also that I thoroughly enjoy wearing. I find that they are very well made and not a bad price though they seem to like to make their dresses for shorter waisted people....I prefer to feel comfortable in my dresses and part of that feeling is to have the waist sitting at my waist and not slightly above it :)

Coming up....Christmas at our house! and vacation pictures!

Stay tuned,



  1. What a beautiful dress! I just found your blog via Modest Monday on The Modest Mom. I looked back through some of your older posts, and I really like your combination of modesty and style. Is there a way to follow your blog?

    1. thank-you! welcome! I looove new followers....and I love clothes and styling :) on the right hand side of my blog you will see a blue "join this site" button and you can follow me...hope to see you again :)


  2. Your dress and belt are lovely!!