Monday, December 15, 2014

Love in the Winter

 My husband and I just celebrated 16 years of may not sound like much but in this day and age it's a lifetime :)

I have no idea where the time went but I sure can't wait to see what the future holds.

Soooo in keeping with the whole wedding marriage theme I got going on here what better shirt to wear than one that proclaims "love".

 This is a short sleeve summer t-shirt which in my books means "only to be worn in the summer" BUT by using a tank and long sleeve black shirt underneath I was able to wear my "Love" shirt AND stay warm and cozy all day!

I donned some cozy warm boots (hey it's all about surviving the Canadian winter folks!) and I even got a little too warm at one point today! ;)

I purchased this shirt on the buy sell facebook page for my area (along with a beaut summer maxi skirt) and my husband even drove me to pick it up during our biggest snowstorm this season so far ;)
We enjoyed the quality time we had on the drive and when folks thought we were crazy we said "we're from  Nova Scotia!"

How do you stay warm and cozy in the winter?



  1. stopping by via Modest Mom Link Up :) I love the background birdies on your blog!!! :) Congrats on 16 years! my mom and dad just celebrated their 23 YESTERDAY. 16 is amazing!!! It is NOT small. Praise God! Your outfit is super cute too :)