Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Give Me a Simple kind of Christmas

 This year we went simple....homemade... and we had such a great time laughing, cutting and folding paper, gluing, ripping apart old stuff and making it into something brand new. It reminds me of the song "Give Me a Simple Kind of Christmas" which the girls and I are currently working on for our ensemble lessons.

 This paper star now graces the top of our tree....this year we went artificial. You cannot get a good tree that lasts here...at least not that we have found for a reasonable price and I refuse to pay 80$+ for something I am going to throw out :) We found a new-to-us tree for 35$ and we are quite happy with our finished product.

 Margie and Kristen were thrilled with our paper projects and spent many hours cutting paper stars and making paper garland.

 I saw this bird on Pinterest and decided to make one for our tree...she adds a touch of unique I think :)

 The little bells I found at Dollarama...silver was not what I was going for so after a bit of spray paint they now are a touch of old-fashioned :)

 We really enjoyed making the fan-like ones with buttons in the center...there are soo many options and shapes you can do!

I also found packages of small pinecones at Dollarama and knew that they would be perfect to add to our tree.

Finally, I saw these balls and wanted to try one of our own. I picked a large ball and it seemed to take forever to finish it but Kristen our crafty girl was all over helping me and so she rescued me and finished it in no time!

We are still finishing up a couple projects around the house but it's beginning to look alot like Christmas around here!

That's our tree this year! Thanks to Pinterest for all the cool ideas....I don't have the  posts but none of these are my original projects so I just want y'all to know that the credit is not mine!

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