Monday, December 1, 2014

Denim and Pearls

well this past week at our house has been simply survival, going through the motions of just getting the necessities done.

why? well my husband runs a snow clearing business here in the city and has been out plowing snow every night for a week. i cannot sleep while he's gone and we are soo tired :)

thankfully the kids are very helpful and sweet, my puppy keeps me company during the night and school is set on autopilot ;)

she thinks my bed is very comfortable ;)
my outfit pictures have not been happening this week but hopefully i'll get caught up on sleep and feel a little more like myself soon.

some of my very favourite things are pearls and denim...i must confess that on any regular day you will find me in a denim skirt. however on this particular day i actually wore denim on top and a cotton skirt ;) surprise! i love the layered look of a nice shirt under a sweater besides the fact that it keeps me warm with temperatures in the minus 30s and pearls are so classy and timeless!

 a rare glimpse of my husband....we thank the Lord for safety and strength for all those out plowing all night is not an easy job.

I've got some more of my homemade Christmas coming up, glimpses of our vacation in good ol' NS and of course more thrift store treasures!

Stay tuned!

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