Thursday, November 20, 2014

Changing up the Christmas Decor

I guess it's very true that one's taste changes with age :) Mine are definitely evolving and I find myself attracted to things that 10 years ago I would have curled up my nose.

This year as I near another mile stone in my life, I found my nose curling at my Christmas decorations. Poor things! ;)

I am becoming more rustic, vintage, simple and yet elegant. Does that even make a style? :)

 My tastes are changing but the state of my pocket book doesn't quite keep pace.

As I stared at my current decorations, I was immediately challenged to make my own this year as I knew there was very little chance of throwing everything out and starting fresh. ;)

I went to my favourite place (Pinterest) to gather some ideas and found that the projects became fun things I could do with my crafty daughters who have more patience than I do for things that take longer than a few minutes to complete. ( I may or may not have the patience and attention span of a gnat.) :)))

I have to admit that I have never used a glue gun before...I am NOT a crafter folks! but this has become my new best friend ;)

I've got quite a few messes like this around my house these days....ripping apart old to make new is one very thrifty thing to do!! It's quite thrilling actually!

 I just added a new bow to this wreath  I've had kicking around the originally came from VV of course and with a simple new red bow it looks quite festive. Like I said...I kinda like simple :)

These have been by far my favourite project to make...I LOOOOOVE mason jars! These have candles in them but since I currently possess no matches I placed them on the mantle so the little lights can shine through a bit. You can do soo many things with mason jars....I've seen these done with burlap and pine cones, ribbons and just plain and they all look beautiful!

These banners are a quick and simple project that add a bit of Christmas.

 I had no greenery to add to this idea until I went to VV 50% off sale and scored some for my light above and my mantle...which isn't done yet so I'm not showing you! :) I'm very excited to see how that turns out sooo stay tuned!

One of the easiest and quickest decorating things I like to do is to print off pages, throw them into some frames and place them around the house.

I've been having plenty of fun decorating for Christmas this year...I can hardly wait to do the tree and to finish off some other projects we got going around the house.

Do you have any ideas to share with me? I would love to hear about them!



  1. I love reading your posts.....and I love your decorating!!! Is there any way you would be willing to share where you got the first printable you have framed?? It's gorgeous!!

  2. I love your rustic look! I have been trying to make some decorations this year too and tried sticking a short string of white lights into the back of a grapevine wreath and adding a bow. I liked the look and also too an rustic tin pail and put a string of lights in the bottom then filled it with pine cones. I think I might leave that one up year round. Merry Christmas!

  3. love love the mason jar candle holders and the chalk painting/picture <3