Monday, October 13, 2014

Modest Monday!

I love love love this skirt from Mikarose! If you are looking for a comfortable pencil skirt...this is it!

I prefer pencil's either pencil skirt or maxi skirt in my books :) I can't stand the in-between kind for some reason but that's just me...they look awesome on y'all!

This skirt is really's not tight or confining. Most pencil skirts make you feel like you have to keep it all sucked in and hauled down all the time...but not this one. It's made of polyester and spandex and is also fully lined....seriously it's kinda like wearing your pajamas!

I paired it with my favourite Mikarose blouse which I also really's very feminine without all the frills and lace. It is also fully lined, has a modest neckline and I don't feel the need for a half-tee or any other means of filling in the gap :)

You can't go wrong with classic black and white!

 My oldest joined in the fun and wanted to show her new boots...they are seriously cute and old-fashioned but with a modest twist!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Have a blessed week,


  1. Hey! Did the boring, basic black , straight skirt just get interesting? That's unbelievable! There must be a rule against that.
    It is smart-looking, to be sure. And classy.