Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Red, White and Blue!

My little photographers are really let me down big time these days :) but the memories we are making together are totally worth it! These blurry pictures are largely the result of laughing and playing with one very excited dog. It is a wonder that said dog is not in any of these pictures as she was tearing around the backyard full tilt!

 I found this fun red shirt at VV of course...it is from Old Navy and had cute little blue birds all over it. It was a little big but I couldn't resist...sometimes baggy shirts are very comfortable and with a belt you would never know ;) Just ignore the hem of my jean skirt which needs to see an iron :)

 My Sunday outfit was my new skirt and blouse from Mikarose....I've been in love with this skirt and my MiSH friend ordered it in for me last month. It is fully lined, has pockets, and the material is awesome! I wore my new blouse with it and used a belt. I wore my newtome wedges from VV and blue beads. I also wore my sapphire bracelet that TJ bought me for Christmas several years ago. I was going to go for red accessories but my oldest had stolen them to wear :))

ummmm...yes I did get a trip to VV last week :)

Last hurrah of summer for the kiddos coming up!

Stay tuned,

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