Monday, September 15, 2014

Modest Monday!

Sunday was a beautiful fall day with warm sunshine and changing leaves :) It is inevitable folks...I might as well see the beauty in it!

With the arrival of fall and this past week of low temperatures my natural instinct is to hibernate...but we all know that's not going to happen although the thoughts of eating and then being able to go into a deep sleep and not awaken till spring sounds like it has its perks ;) I have to find ways to adjust my wardrobe and survive with style!! I'll take that challenge.

I had winter survival in style on my mind at my last trip to VV. I've always been drawn to the old fashions of Anne of Green Gables time and how many of their outfits involved a nice vest. I came home with a vest...I love wearing vests and blazers and for me the added layer helps to keep me warm.

I chose to wear it first with my black and white striped maxi skirt. This skirt came from Walmart and if you squink you can see all my layers... . white tank, a nice long sleeve black shirt (also a new find from VV ) and then my vest.

 I must say I felt more like a character from a Dickens novel than anybody from PEI:) Especially because on a whim I added my hat :) and yes I wore this outfit to church all day and enjoyed it immensely. I may or may not be a bit more fashion forward than many at our church ;)

 All I need is an armful of papers to sell! :)

 You may also notice my new chunky chain family did also when I picked it up at VV for a steal. But I just smiled and told them to wait and see. TJ thinks I'm amusing....things I buy that cause him to initially raise his eyebrows until he sees how I style it and somehow he says I make it work....thanks TJ!

 Papers anyone!!???

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