Monday, August 18, 2014


I have been waiting for this dress to come to me for a while now :) I saw it online and thought to myself "I wish MiSH here in the city would get this dress in" and guess what?!! just a few short weeks later it was!

 I love stripes! and this dress comes in blue or pink. I couldn't decide which one but my eye tends toward blue, ALWAYS! and if you look in my closet most of my dresses are blue :) It so happens however that she sold the blue one just as soon as it arrived and only had the pink one left so I said pink it is!

Yesterday looked like a bit of rain was on the way so I used black accessories to tie my outfit together... Black wedges by American Eagle, black beads and a little black sweater all from Value Village.

This dress is such a fun thing to can't help but smile :) It fits well and is is the perfect Sunday dress.


  1. Very pretty dress! I love the style, and stripes. :D

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  2. That looks so nice on you, Aunt Heidi! Thank you so much for sharing more pictures. We love to keep up on all the fun things you post!! -the McFarlands :-)