Tuesday, August 12, 2014


We are really excited about our classroom this year and we are raring to go! We made a few changes this summer to our school setup mainly because the big girls were down in the basement which is always really cold and not much fun for studying in :)  We decided to put everyone in our bonus room which is the brightest and sunniest room in the house :) Since we use ABeka DVD program (which we loove) TJ and I sat down to discuss our needs and what we really wanted to see. After gaining our vision we set about finding what we needed at our local thrift stores, Value Village and yard sales. The Lord was good! Let me just give you a quick tour and some a few things TJ did especially for me and my need for organization and cleanliness :)

As you come up the stairs and enter the room(those stairs you see on the left hand side of the picture) you will pass my pallet bookshelf where we are keeping our extra schoolbooks, our DVDs, our Canadian books, maps and dictionaries. This shelf also keeps our library books so that we all know where they are and they don't get lost under a bed or in a toy box...ain't nobody got time for that!!! ;)

In the first corner we have the Grade 3 station.....

 In the center of the room, TJ built a divider around which we placed 4 identical tables in a pinwheel form and there we have 4 individual cubicles!

They each have a tv, a dvd player, a study lamp, a cork board and a hook for their headphones.



Here are the coolness factors.....as you can imagine there are many plugs and wires and so TJ twist tied everything and then bent little metal pieces to hold them all in place and out of the way underneath each desk :)))))

Each DVD player has been attached underneath the desk for convenience and more desktop room!

The plugs have all been covered with extra pieces of carpet to prevent trippage :)

We even have a computer corner where the girls can do research and practice typing with Mavis Beacon.

We also have a reading corner!

 This shelf holds our vast music collection and gives the grade 9's an extra shelf for storage. The filing cabinet has all our tests, quizzes and other forms and important papers all organized and filed for easy access.

 TJ even found a convenient place for our pencil sharpener and we have a tiny stool for the little girls.

In the remaining corner is my desk, the copier and school supply storage.

Now TJ is resting from all his labours....until my next project ;)

School is scheduled to start on Monday the 18th though we may start Thursday or Friday. The girls are ready to start and we want to get a good 2 weeks ahead so that when we go on our trip we won't have to play catchup!

We are planning another day trip with the girls soon as a last summer hurrah but this week is busy with our church's week of evangelism.

Stay tuned!



  1. Love it! Isn't this the best time of year!!!!! :) I can't wait to start!!!

  2. Good for you!! What a lot of fun!! It's always so exciting to start a new school year! It's like a new adventure every year, isn't it!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!! -McFarlands :-)