Thursday, August 7, 2014

Adventures in the Mountains Pt. 1

This was the home of our reminded me of Heidi and Grandfather's place in the mountains :)

Some photos of our first walk in Brule.

We stopped along our walk for some photos.....

This old van was a fun.

We walked down this road towards our first adventure....

It immediately screamed "cool photo op" to me...

 We went down in the woods to check out some views...

which of course was another photo op.... :)

Then we stopped in at the playground for a bit of fun...

Mel and I at the park watching the kids.

 Here is Mel having "fun" on the slide thingie....she thought it was quite funny!



Oh! remember my love for cute outhouses with half moons carved over the door!!!!!!!!! well I have mentioned it before and voila! I had to get my picture taken with it...I think it made a very fun photo prop!

We did not go in.....the outside I believe was much cuter than the inside!

Stay tuned for further adventures in the woods where we discover the old town of Brule and more!


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