Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Sunday We Didn't Make It....

Well...Sunday morning started out as it usually does....too early ;) waking up kids and laughing at the various sleeping positions....outfit choosing and hair process....with 7 girls hair is indeed a "process" :) hurrying to get done before Daddy hollers "out to the truck, we're leaving!" and off we go.

We got to church just fine and the first 2 songs meanwhile Mel is suffering in silence. We ended up having to take the child home but the funny thing was that we both had independently chosen outfits that were matching in an opposite sort of way! :)

black polka dot top- VV                                                   White lace peasant blouse-VV
white skirt-VV Suzy Shier                                                black or blue polka dot skirt-VV
black sandals-VV                                                              white sandals-VV

 Miss Marge has got this outfit making down..... ;)

Pinstripe blouse with beautiful sleeve detail-VV
Dark blue pencil skirt-handmedown from momma
Red Belt-VV
White wedge heeled peeptoe shoes- Payless

That was Sunday this week....

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