Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Modest Mondays!

July 1st we spent at a friend's farm like we did last year. It is open to the whole church with tons of activities for all. We played volleyball,baseball,basketball,horse shoes,frisbee and the sprinkler was turned on later to cool off :) The kids always loove the picnic days at the farm! The above outfit was my salute to Canada...thank the Lord for a country where we still have liberty!
 This Sunday found me in bed with a head cold and terrible sore throat. The girls took pics of their outfits for me that afternoon...the littles loove wearing full skirts and I was fortunate to find these at VV this past week AND I had 30% off everything!!

 This blue and grey striped maxi skirt was also a VV find and I took a pic of this outfit so you could see my layers! A teal green undershirt just adds a bit of interest to this outfit...it's cool and comfortable!
Most of our family and friends from home survived Arthur but some have experienced quite a bit of damage and I'm not sure how many of them have no  power still....we are keeping you in our prayers and thank the Lord that y'all are safe!!

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  1. The little girl in the second picture looks exactly like her daddy!!! Wow!!l love keeping up with your blog!!! Love u all and keep you in our prayers!!