Monday, July 28, 2014

Modest Mondays

This weekend was one of those that was very busy and fast...Saturday night ended early Sunday morning and Sunday morning was a rush of grabbing this and that inorder to practice before heading to church. I might add that we live 30 minutes from church and TJ does opening so we HAVE to get there early :) Today's post will be a little of this and that from the week because Sunday morning's outfit was this and that put together in a rush :)

So..up first is my rainy Friday outfit. I looove rainy days and Friday was no exception but I am often cold and since I am cold-blooded I just want to curl up in one spot and enjoy the rain from a cozy cocoon....sadly I don't have the luxury to do this soo I pulled out my sweet polka dot sweater and long jean skirt to help ward off the chills of the day and enjoyed the rain!

I pulled my hair up in a high bun and was all set to go out running job drop offs with TJ. We got plenty of rain and wind that day and polka dots never fail to make me smile. It was all-in-all a very good day!
This is my Sunday morning you can see I grabbed comfort and quick! I opened my drawer to this lace t-shirt and paired it with my grey and blue maxi skirt with of course! a grey tank underneath and my new flats.
To add a bit of dressy, I put on one of my favourite necklaces from Claire' old-fashioned key with a little flower. It's very vintage looking and I love it with the lace :)
Kris joined in on the fun and shows us her polka dot shirt with her new black skirt from VV!

 Today is a beautiful sunny hot day :) I chose this lacy looking t-shirt over a black tank for more of a dressy casual look.

 I like the bit of gathering at the adds a different touch to an otherwise quite ordinary shirt :)

I've gotten a few questions  and many compliments about my new curly look and as I am quite happy with it AND it takes less than 10 minutes to do I am going to share just how I do it up next....for any interested :) My girls sure are :)

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