Monday, July 21, 2014

Modest Monday!

Well after 2 weeks of missing church it was really good to be back to my normal spot yesterday :) We are still suffering with some nasty colds but for the most part everybody was well enough to make it through the day. Summer colds are not fun! Vital Greens is in high demand and thankfully I had a couple bottles in stock. This stuff is great...I take it on a regular basis and rarely get overtaken by colds that my children try to give me ;) If it was cheaper we all would take it everyday but out here it usually runs about 45$ a bottle...not my price range!

Anyway back to Modest Monday! My generous husband took me to VV this past week and I found a few things I had been looking for....more skirt hangers for our closet, a big cooking pot and some Christy movies.

 Margie is wearing a dress I made with a grey maxi skirt and t-shirt I had
 She used a cute white bolero sweater from MisH and scarf from VV

Blue polka dot blouse-latest find from VV
 Flats from VV :)

I love turquoise and navy blue together!

I finally finished the bookshelf for the classroom and am excited to share that with you!


  1. an old neighbour back EastJuly 22, 2014 at 5:37 AM

    Heidi, I love your hair with a bit of curl. It looks great.
    But, Felicity, our 4-year-old, has repeatedly expressed concern that people in your family must have lost their heads, since heads do not always happen in your fashion shots.
    And Marge's dress is sweet. You long, slender women look so great in that style. Long and swingy skirts are not always practical, I am certain. But they look fantastic on you. --Kathy Dobson

  2. Hi Old Neighbour! :)
    lol...yes I'm aware of the lack of heads in our family...might make teaching easier ;) the reason is that I use small photographers and they never tell me when they are taking a picture so I am busy picking my nose or look like I'm hungover in most of them :)) long and swingy skirts make you feel very feminine for sure but I do tire of the material around my legs after a while for sure, especially jean ones!

    1. neighbour with weird grammatical hangupsJuly 22, 2014 at 11:20 AM

      Hey! I love the way you worded your answer : "the reason is THAT I use small photographers..." So many people use the grammatically incorrect phrase of "the reason is BECAUSE." Our Felix would not even have to fight the urge to correct your grammar regarding this phrase. (He tends to say what he thinks without regard as to the outcome or appropriateness of the situation. Mum must be careful what she says around this one, to be sure.) -Kathy D

    2. you are not the only one with weird grammatical hangups or children who tend to say what they think....if you only have to worry about one child at the moment just wait till the rest get a little older :/
      neighbour speaking with experience ;)

  3. Trying hard not to be jealous of that beautiful blouse of yours!!!! :) It's gorgeous!! I wish we had a VV around here! I enjoy your outfit posts so much (well, all your posts actually)! ;) They are an inspiration!