Monday, June 9, 2014

Wearing Lately

In keeping with our modest standards  I have been working on teaching the girls to dress with purpose. It is soo easy to get up every morning and throw on the first thing your hand comes to and do this each and every day. Now I know I do this ALOT! grab the closest shirt and hoody and pull on a skirt and good to go....but I also know that my husband appreciates seeing a little more thought put into an outfit. With this in mind, I have been trying to put more effort into my everyday choices not just for Sundays :) Children learn  more from example that's for sure and having my girls "copy" me is especially rewarding. I am still "cool" enough that they want to be like me! ;) Everyday this week they have asked me where I am and pretty soon I see they have changed into something very similar to what I'm wearing. It really makes you realize just how much influence you have....I am challenged to use this in every way that I can!

I was able to go to a 30% off sale at yupyouguessedit! Valu Village! I am a member there and so enjoy these little perks :)

This lace top was one of my new is Hollister brand. I love the lace front...the back is not lace and I especially like the scalloped edges.
 I finished this outfit off with some simple black was a simple relaxed outfit but still looked a bit more special that just a regular t-shirt :)

Below was my Sunday TJ loves dresses I have been incorporating more into my Sundays. So far I have been aiming for a dress every Sunday morning. The girls and I have been talking about the importance of giving the Lord our best and making Sunday different from every other day of the week...sadly this seems to be fast becoming a thing of the past. With this principle in mind and our desire to bring glory to God we all have been making a huge effort to plan on our best for Sunday :) It is very rewarding.

this pic really shows how the sun has been working on my highlights :) take a good look because it is back to black on Wednesday!!!! I can't say that I'm in love with the light brown streaks in my hair :/

I should really show you the haul I got from my shopping trip this past was especially rewarding to find my next DIY project there for 6$...I am excited to get that done and show y'all! It has something to do with paint and stripes ;)

We took our school field trip this past Friday and I will be sharing some pics of that!  :)

I hope to have a couple more projects to show you!

Don't go away!

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