Monday, June 2, 2014

Wearing Lately

TJ bought me these boots for Mother's day and it has been fun trying to style them. I have never been a huge cowboy boot fan as they always seemed to be a bit clunky with skirts...but I have seen a few outfit ideas lately where they looked kinda cute soooo I'm trying. Needless to say my cowboy husband looves them :)

I do prefer the walking heel and the square toes much better than pointy toes and riding heels. This is opposite of what TJ likes but he ended up liking my boots regardless :)

Boots-Lammles 150$(a gift) phew!
Jean skirt-VV Contrast brand...they make my fav jean skirts!
Blouse-VV it looked vintage so I wanted to give it a shot ;)

 Every so often I will check out the clearance racks in stores....Old Navy has some button- ups I have been watching and I found the above polka dot chambray and nabbed it :)
This dress is of course Mikarose...the Isabelle and I love it! It is a beautiful colour and the chiffon skirt is very flowy and girly. This was my Easter dress and I wish I could get some better pictures...I shall continue trying....

The top of the dress has a lacy detail you can just see if you squint hard enough which adds to its elegance. Love this dress,,,you should check them out at mikarose! Thankfully I shop at a little boutique here in the city so I can try on and test drive so to speak before I buy....

I've got more projects to show y'all, an up-coming end of the school year field trip and more outfits as I continue working on the camera ;)

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