Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm a firm believer in layers....that might be because I am always cold but nevertheless layers, layers and layers!

Old Navy has some of the best deals that I have found to feed my layering habit....this past week I was out and they had undershirts for 2$....good deal! I immediately stocked up and the colour selection was very pretty....and also had plenty of stripes. I love me some stripes!

just a few that I had to show ya!
Not only does layering help to keep you warm but more importantly it also helps to keep us modest! Being on the shapeless side I often had trouble finding skirts that fit me properly and tank tops helped keep my skirt up and filled in the gap when I girls are now experiencing the same problem and they also have very long and skinny torsos....the old navy tank tops come very long and skinny and are the perfect fit for them.

Layering also gives your outfit just the perfect finishing touch....and if you work with different colour combos they add a little fun and make your outfit just a little more interesting. My girls are enjoying this discovery!

SO GET LAYERING! ;) and go to old Navy...for 2$ you can't go wrong!

 Melanie is just getting started on using her imagination for putting together outfits...this is what she put together for prayer meeting....this girl looooOOOOOVES SHOES!
 Miss Marge is allover outfit we put a navy polka dot blouse with a cute little jacket. She also did her hair in a new style I showed her and has been doing it pretty much every day since :)
Here is just one of my every day outfits....I layered a grey tank with my blue and grey striped shirt. If I had been thinking ahead I would have made sure you could see the layers in my picture or purposely taken more of our layered looks this past week....epic fail! oh well!

Here's a closer look at the simple new style I shared with Margie....just put a headband over your hair and start tucking your hair through it....the front pieces I save for last and give them a twist before tucking them in. It's very simple and yet kinda cute :)

Got some more projects to share with you and our field trip is yet to come!

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  1. My how the girls are growing up, young ladies now, miss you folks