Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Father's Day to me?! ;)

One project I have really been excited about is our family closet. With 6 girls, no boys! and most of them sharing clothes and shoes it only made sense that the best use of our space and clothing was to make it readily available to all. I also found that one would not like something and it would remain buried in her drawer or closet (or stuffed under the bed!) and nobody wore it....we also had an ongoing lack of dresser space for all the girls. After talking about this for a while it then became my Father's day present ;) meaning TJ stayed up late Saturday night finishing this. I do have an amazing man!


getting organized!

new laundry hampers for ease of sorting

he also hooked up a second washer...now I can get those clothes out on the line double quick :)

This house is a rental...so we just put up some shelves in the space we had available...the laundry! This room has not been completely finished but that doesn't matter...we now have all clothes hung up here according to size and one dresser per room where they store pajamas, culottes and personals :) Margie has taken over this jurisdiction and is responsible for keeping it organized and tidy as well as sorting laundry and working on the wash. This has been great! We all are enjoying it and the girls love having the extra space in their bedrooms now that dressers have been removed!

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