Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I've Been Wearing...

I have a few pictures of outfits I have worn previously that I will throw together in this one post....I enjoy seeing other outfit posts and want to be an encouragement in any way I can but I especially started doing this for my girls.

Usually I have a 6 year old photographer who always forgets to let me know when she is actually taking the I have chosen to remove my head from some ;)

This was my Mother's day outfit...I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and keep a running list in my head of things to look for at my next run to VV :)

Jean jacket- Value Village about 3$
Floral scarf-VV 1$
whirt shirt and turquoise undershirt- probably VV as well :)
maxi skirt- gift from my mom :) Target (it's actually a maternity skirt...shhhh)
lace bow- Ardene's

Apparently this was a Christmas time outfit :) this was inspired from pinterest mixing patterns...polka dots and stripes.
 blue and white stripe shirt- VV
blue polka dot scarf- VV
jean pencil skirt- VV
boots- Maxwells
ring- gift from my daughter :)
sorry the quality of pictures is terrible...I'm working on that ;) but you get the general idea!

once again...maxi skirt- MisH
 turquoise tshirt
 jean button-up
let's just go with the fact that most of my clothing is from VV unless otherwise stated ;)

I've had to just quickly grab selfies for these...
black pencil skirt
black polka dot sweater- this is one of my fav shirts :) the back is actually sheer but with a black shirt or halftee and tank it is totally doable ;) and its high low which is kinda neat.

I accessorized with pearl earrings and necklace as well as bracelets.


  1. Do you have an email adress? I would love to visit and chat with you via emai! You and I look like we have so much in common! My email adress is My name is Merry by the way! Thought I'd drop in and say hi! Check out my blog at hoping to hear from you! Merry

    1. Hi Merry@ thanks for dropping blog is a work in progress :/
      my email is

  2. Hello! I saw your blog link as one of my recent followers. I hardly ever go to the blogs of my followers but every now and then I do and I'm glad I came here-your outfit ideas are lovely! The first one is my favorite I think...but I love the others too and esp that b/w top-so cute!! I take it you are a Canadian, since you shop @ Value Village. Ah, I really wish the states had those! That and Tim Hortons. =) If I lived in Canada I'm pretty sure my whole wardrobe would come from VV too! As it is, we go once a year to canada and I always try to find at least one VV on our route so we can stop. =)
    Lovely blog!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by...I found your blog through another (you know how it goes ;) the thing that attracted me was family singing...My husband comes from a large singing family and we desire the same for ours...something we really want to focus on as a ministry together! I also like to see what others are wearing ;)
      I do live in the lovely province of Alberta and Value Village is my very favourite spot to go :)