Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer Projects!

Yeah! temperatures are heading up...the sky is blue, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and its warm enough for me to want to get moving on my diy projects! :)

TJ put up my clothesline :))))) and it's so much fun to get outside and hang up my laundry!

Remember my pallet coffee tables?!!
They have patiently waited in my garage ALL winter....I walked by them all the time and wanted to have them finished so very much.

Well this was the week...the week I finally got warm enough to get out there and finish them. Today I shall show you the one you see in the picture.
 First step was to paint it all black...
 Next I painted just the top with one coat of white...
Then the fun began...sanding it down until I liked what I saw :)

After 2 clear coats to protect it...finally in the living room where it belongs....

This is going to sound funny but it looked terrible when placed on our area rug. DID NOT MATCH AT ALL! Well TJ and I went out to look for hinges for my other coffee table and the area rugs were 50% off. So as you can see from the picture we were able to purchase a new beautiful gray area rug...and now its perfect :) Thank the Lord!

Stay tuned for the second coffee's just waiting for the finishing hardware :)

I'm trying to remember to take pics for some outfit posts...sadly I'm always in bed when I remember ;)

End of school is sooo close....most of us are done either today or tomorrow :)

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