Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mountain Getaway!

TJ and I were given a 2 night stay plus at the Overlander Mountain Lodge located just outside of Jasper. This place is full of rustic charm and we enjoyed our time immensely.

Our room
our own private balcony

and this was our view!

 We enjoyed fine dining...TJ thoroughly enjoyed scallops and prawns and veal for the first time ;)

We walked around the grounds trying to capture some of the beauty...but the photos just don't do it justice.We may or may not have been looking for bears also....they had been spotted at the lodge and there were warnings posted about going out for walks ;)

 The lodge is located at the top of the can see part of it through the trees.

Stay tuned for further adventures in the mountains :)

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  1. So, SO lovely!!!! We are in the White Mountains in New Hampshire right now on a little family vacation and the views are breathtaking as well!!!