Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Project Checked Off!

Yeah! another project is checked off of my growing list!! It seems like even before I get a project finished there's at least one more added....I have soo many things I would like to get done this summer which is good cause I like to keep busy and I looove creating new things. Some of my upcoming projects are end tables to match the now completed coffee tables, a hall table, a farmhouse dining room table(I hope to have this started very soon...soo excited!) not to mention finishing the backyard projects and maybe a picnic table...there's more but I will stop at the top 5 or 6 :)

 This table I chose to whitewash to add a little variety to the pieces I have been making. Though TJ prefers the other rustic look, we do both like how it turned out with the black hardware on the corners. I also have a bookshelf that we use as a tv stand that I now would like to whitewash and stress to match. We made this one larger to be able to hold more things like boardgames and snacks for family nights ;) I also wanted the shelf underneath to place baskets on or to have a spot for some lap blankets, etc.

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