Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Journey to Modesty Part 2

Finding a standard.

Now that the Lord had worked in my heart using people, pastors, the Bible (KJV), godly books and prayer to bring about conviction concerning His Biblical principles of modesty, He then began to open up a standard.

To simply tell myself that I was not to wear men's apparel just wasn't working for me. I needed a better reason. To simply tell myself that I needed to be careful about the kind of attention I would draw to myself just wasn't enough for me either. I was looking to find a standard in the word of's not there

Over and over in God's word we find the call to be holy and to separate from that which is not holy.
1Peter1:15-16, 2Corinthians6:17-18, Romans12:1-2 and 1John2:15-17 are all verses God brought to my attention. Finally I had a reason that made sense to me and quieted all my doubts. God has called me to be holy as He does all Christians. I am to be in the world but not of the world....I am not to love the ungodly things of the world and I am to be a city set on a hill. So what does this mean for me as far as my dress is concerned?  God has not revealed in His word a specific and detailed dress code for His people. I believe one reason God didn't tell us was that times change, fashion changes. God doesn' He set forth a basic principle to follow that would endure through all generations and all fashion changes ;)  It was very obvious that I am to be different from the world. Okay. So I took a look at what the world is wearing....generally women are in form/flesh revealing clothing. The emphasis seems to be sex appeal and comfort. I am not saying that there is no modesty out there but generally speaking you don't see a whole lot :)

So I understand that God wants me to separate myself from the world....He wants an obvious distinction between a child of His and someone who is not....not because I am better but because I have a calling to be holy and I am to shine forth in the world showing Christ to others.

I love this clipping....
Love this.
Through a visiting pastor's preaching God showed me that He has actually raised His standard for those of us now living in the church age. Matthew 5 repeatedly says these words "Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time," and then states a law previously given....then you will find these words " But I say unto you," and the previously stated law changes to a higher standard. For example verse 27 states the law thou shalt not commit adultery....verse 28 ups that to say that whosoever looketh at a woman and lusteth after her has committed adultery. YIKES! that's definitely a higher standard! It's no longer just the act but it is also the thought.

God is holy...
He has high standards...
He has called me to be holy...
What's my standard?

Having the biblical principles of holiness and modesty, now having a personal conviction and a heart to please God and bring glory to His name, I must know find out what my standard for clothing is. What should my guideline be? Where should I draw the line?

As I said before the Bible doesn't give a whole lot of particulars on dress code and therefore we find a whole lot of differing opinions out there. I wanted to find out the standard God wanted for me....setting aside others' opinions.

Since I am supposed to be like Christ...and to grow in Him everyday...I am called to be holy as He is it only stands to reason that the holier I am the more I  please God. The higher my standard the closer to God I will long as I am doing so for the right reasons. I knew I needed to draw my line as far from the world as I could....Lot chose to live in sight of Sodom and Gomorrah...don't you think his life's story could have been different had he chosen to stay completely away?

Our standard may not be your standard and yours may differ from ours but the Lord has greatly encouraged my heart. I don't have to look frumpy or dumpy or old-fashioned. The Duggars have been a positive influence in my life that it is possible to look different from everybody else and to be loving towards others who don't necessarily agree. My girls love to watch the Duggar girls and I am so glad for the positive influence that they brought. Pinterest is one of the best tools I've found to inspire!

My girls and I are enjoying putting outfits might take just a little more effort to spend a little more time going through your closet and putting outfits together and maybe a little more money to spend on things like halftees but let me tell you it's soo worth it!

It's not easy to be different and to wear skirts all the time :)...people don't understand why and they probably never will until they get's not easy to be criticized and ridiculed but we are doing this for the Lord and He will reward. Bank on it!

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  1. You have put it so well! The Lord uses different things in each of our lives to bring us close to Himself but He promised we would find Him when seek. It is much easier to seek for verses to justify what we want to do but much less rewarding and no final peace. Thank you so much for sharing! What an encouragement and blessing to me.