Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Mikarose Sunday!

I have gotten behind in outfit posts mainly because I am frustrated with my iphone pics and my Anyway today I dressed up because my husband loooves dresses and so I declared it "dress" Sunday at our house. In the cold winters I dress mainly for warmth and comfort but since today the temps are above zero I thought it would be a great day to wear this Mikarose dress TJ bought me last year. The belt I just added for today and I believe it looks soo much nicer with it than without :)

 I had been wanting a pair of nude heels for a while but my thrifty self refused to buy any brand new. I knew if I had the patience a pair would appear at Value Village.....they did! but I had to wait for almost a year.... :) They are the perfect fit for this dress, in my humble opinion!
I loove this dress! It is perfectly modest and yet still perfectly stylish....

My Bug looked pretty cute today's what she wore.

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  1. Heidi, I love the dress. The neckline is gorgeous.