Sunday, November 3, 2013

Heartbroken for Cambodia

"It's 11:50 am Cambodia it's 11:50 pm...can you hear the screams and sobs of the children?"

Those words are stuck in my head and reached all the way down to tear my heart wide open.

There are approximately 31,000 children in the sex trade of Cambodia.

Parents destitute with little to no other choice but to sell one child who caught the eye of a sex trader just because they saw a way to give food to their other children who are starving to death.

Kids rescued from the dump.

Babies by the dozens with no one to care for them sick and dying.

The government showing up at the door with 51 children in need of a home....

I pray I don't lose this burden for those precious children.

I thank the Lord for those 6 He has given and humbly ask forgiveness for complaining about my lot in life.

I didn't have the perfect childhood...I didn't have an ideal family life or home but I am stopping right now to thank the Lord for everything. I wasn't left to fend for myself in the city dump or sold to a brothel to endure a life worse than death. 

I don't know how or when but I am praying to be used of God in Cambodia.

Check out North Country Baptist Church and Pastor Len Crow of Orillia, Ontario. They desperately need help and prayers to be able to rescue more children there.

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